italian Country Houses

Here is just for you a preliminary description of the ICH METHOD, unique in Italy by specialization!


Phase 1

NECESSITY STUDY, you will only have to fill in the “GLOBAL FORMAT” which will help us

in the research (you will have 7 days to send it). As soon as we receive your responses we will

organize a new contact within 10 days (via Skype or if you prefer still via email) so that we can get

to know each other better and clarify your further questions.

Then we will send you an email in which you will receive the ICH METHOD CUSTOMIZED with all

the phases of work, so that you will know perfectly TIME and COSTS of the entire work without

surprises! Attached to the same email we will also send you the “LETTER OF MANDATE” that you

will have to re-send us within 7 days to be sure to move on to the phase 2.

Phase 2


which will include, thanks to the collection of your needs, th
e technical documentation concerning our 3 proposals.

What you will be givena document called “BOOK STEP2” where you will find all the information we have taken and the proposals (we will send it to you within 30 days).

Warranty: at this stage you can take advantage of the “100% GUARANTEED SEARCH”; It guarantees that you do not pay anything of the work we have done so far.


At this point it may happen that:

  • you liked none of the proposals, so just let us know and, thanks to the 100% RESEARCH GUARANTEE, you will not pay anything of the work we have done until now!
  • – within 45 days of receipt of the BOOK STEP2 you founded 1 or more of our proposals that meets

your requests! We then offer you the “BONUS B&B” thanks to which you can come and see the proposals you have chosen staying in a b&b at our expenses that will welcome you and a second person for 2 days.


Phase 3


What you will be givenyou will have with you the BOOK STEP2 in order to know perfectly all the proposals that we will visit according to your choice.

How long: the visit to the proposals will take 2 days. 

Warranty: you do not have to worry if you have not liked any of the proposals that you had previously opted for, we will finish our work here without further expenses!



There are 2 very important points that I want to emphasize:

  1. If, as I wish, you will have been satisfied with our work and will choose to continue, in the subsequent phases 4 and 5, it will no longer be possible to withdraw from the contract. In the next phase the official buying and selling will begin, where it will be necessary to involve other specialized technicians of DIH partners.
  2. Remember that the houses that we propose will remain available on the market until the phase of COMPROMISE (phase 4); we will guarantee you the option of your choice for 15 days but after that time all will be free on the market. Your timeliness in making your final choice will therefore be very important!

At this point, to be able to continue in step 4 and get closer and closer to your dream farmhouse, it will be necessary that you accept and sign the payment obligation of our PROFESSIONAL COMPENSATION that you have already had the opportunity to evaluate because present in the BOOK STEP2 scheme.


Phase 4


What you will be given: official documentation of CONTRACT between us and you, and official document of purchase COMPROMISE.we will send you an email with attached copy of the CONTRACT between us and you, and a copy of COMPROMISE of purchase, documents written in English. At this point it will be up to you to tell us the dates on which you have organized your trip to Italy for the official signature of these documents in the presence of a notary.

In how much time: unfortunately it is not possible to establish a certain timing because this phase depends strongly on the times of the various offices to be consulted. In addition, the times of access to acts are not the same for all the municipalities and the same thing if you request an appointment with state officials such as the notary. Finally, it will also depend on your ability to organize your second trip to Italy to make the necessary signatures.


Phase 5 

 Here are the next final steps of our work: 

  • it will be our care to make an appointment with the notary for the deed
  • we will carry out the necessary checks on the costs of Italian taxes
  • we will conclude the collection of all the documentation
  • we will verify the correctness of the forms of payment in accordance with Italian law
  • we will prepare the translation of the documents in your language
  • we will find an appropriate interpreter who can support you at the time of the act. 


It will be only at the time of the final purchase deed that we will ask you to pay the balance of our compensation.

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