The dream country houses in Marche region: landscape and history.

In the Marche region, you can only be enchanted by the sight of the splendid rustic stone houses and country houses.

The “Bel Paese” conquers not only for its culture, its traditions and its history, but also for the wonderful natural landscapes in which these houses stand. The fairy-tale frames and bucolic panoramas give a rustic atmosphere to the rustic houses.

The interiors of the rustic houses evoke the same atmosphere of magic of nature, thanks above all to the fact that they were made with pure and resistant materials such as wood and stone, which make a house rustic and allow it to last over time.

A good restoration helps to preserve the uniqueness of the rustic houses and ensures that nothing interrupts the magic of these enchanted houses.
What is most striking in the interiors of country houses? The sense of strength and resistance, which leaves doubt about the fact that the house protects, with its stone or terracotta floors and its brick, wood or stone block walls, offering, at the same time, a warm and welcoming environment.

The feeling you get when you enter one of the houses we will propose to you is that everything is in the right place, where nothing is left to chance, and where everything makes sense, fully understood by those who, once upon a time, he lived every single day with great effort, since the rising of the sun, but capturing, at the same time and fully, the beauty of a life that flowed freely and in total respect for the seasons and the natural times of the earth.

Now it’s your turn to start imagining your new life in one of these country houses that is waiting for you!

Contact us quickly because many people from all around the world are understanding the luck of being able to have a historic country house in an uncontaminated environment, equidistant from the sea and the mountains!