4 realities of country houses to make the Best Choice and have the clearest ideas

When you think of the country house in Italy, peace and relaxation immediately spring to mind….. A refuge to have a little respite from the chaos of life.

The Marche is a very fortunate region because it is full of rustic stone houses, ancient and modern farmhouses, villas surrounded by greenery that promise dream stays, in the idyllic frames of boundless fields, where the only sound is that of the wind between the branches or birdsong.

The joy of the senses, however, not only provides the landscape, but also the expert care of the historical recovery and the touch of design.

Let’s try to create the countryhouse of your dreams, making it unique, welcoming and sophisticated by following a few examples:


past and present can get along. In the restoration of an old farmhouse many original elements can be kept and restored; however, this can only be done by local artisans who know the materials and construction techniques of the past.

The most important thing is the enhancement of the structural elements typical of local architecture: the use of exposed brick, stone and chestnut wood.

The new rooms created inside can then be embellished with custom-made furnishings and produced by local artisans, mainly using recycled materials, without giving up any flicker of design.


A rustic farmhouse where efforts have been made to safeguard the history of the building.

The rustic house can be designed both as a residence and as a space to host social and artistic events.

If the load-bearing structure and the materials adopted carry the seal of time intact, the furnishings of the country house are sober, with few furniture, including some design pieces to which are added works of art that testify to the multifaceted personality of the owners.


You could choose a nineteenth-century agricultural complex, by creating a part where to work to cultivate the fields and reap the benefits, and in the other where to relax in the B&B set in the rural structure steeped in memory; all supported by a more global idea of sustainability.


Country yes, but unconventional.

You can imagine a large swimming pool, but also architectural elements of great impact, such as an iron canopy or a leading staircase.

The interiors also reaffirm the contemporary vocation. For example, you can have the industrial chic kitchen as its protagonist, where wax-polished industrial cement floors and marble tops dominate, as a frame for the large chestnut table topped with ad hoc lamps.

THINK that your country house will become not only the “good retreat” in which to forget the way out, in harmony with nature, but also a permanent laboratory and a think tank full of ideas and vibrations from which to inspire you.