Imagine sipping a glass of “Verdicchio” in a 250-year-old farmhouse in front of a murmuring fire, produced in your own vineyard that lies at the foot of your farmhouse.

Meanwhile, your wife and daughter are finishing up preparing “tagliatelle” following the recipe of their old neighbor.

This evening you will not be alone because you will enjoy dinner with your childhood friends in this enchanted place, with whom you can chat until late at night and who will remain to sleep in the specially designed guest rooms.

Tomorrow morning you will all wake up enjoying the clear dawn that you can see from the patio of your house, immersed in the green of the hill and in the scents of a typical Italian breakfast.

This image of Italian family life until recently was associated abroad with the Tuscany region, now discovered for 20 years by tour operators and property developers.

And now?

Since last year in numerous foreign magazines (The Times, The Telegraph, The Sun … to quote the most famous) the Marche region has finally been brought to the attention of a greater public.
Let’s see together the reasons for this change of course listed in these newspaper articles:

  • it is a place to have authentic experiences, often immersed in history
  • it is the real Italy, a place where travelers can still feel a genuine sense of discovery and quiet pleasures as they meander back roads and walk on cobbles that haven’t yet been polished by the soles of a million tourists
  • is a region with special people: kind, modest and slow

But above all the Real Estate market focused on historic farmhouses is extremely advantageous, thanks to the fact that this region is still little known abroad.

The variety of structures is unique:
elegant houses dating back to the 1800s with adjoining chapel….
mansions with 10 rooms, tower and private chapel…..
properties a few kilometers from the sea, which are however immersed in the green of the hills.

what can you do now?

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