Unlike other Italian regions, the Marche are not characterized by large-scale rural constructions or by large complexes.

The farm buildings are characterized by simple construction types made by using materials easily available in neighboring areas, such as brick, stone and earthy mortars, which constituted the so-called “sack masonry”, and wood materials that they constituted the supporting structures of the inter-floor slabs and the covering ones.

The rural architecture thus springs from nature: from the earth the building materials are obtained, in relation to the path of the sun the parts of which it is composed are arranged, the place where it rises substantially directs both the form of the settlement and the prevailing work activity that takes place in it.

The rural habitation of the area obeys a common principle consisting in having the family dwellings on the upper floor, above the one used for the various agricultural services. The kitchen is therefore on the first floor, together with the bedrooms and some room used sometimes as a warehouse. The house has a unitary character as it holds all the rooms of greater importance under one roof.

Whenever you see a Marche country house you will be able to distinguish 2 basic materials:

1- the most common stones are compact limestones, popularly called scales or “genga”, white, gray or shaved; as often seen, gray or yellowish sandstones are used; the tuff and the stones of chalky origin are rarely found. Alongside these, river pebbles are widespread, the use of which is frequent due to the geographical features of the area, rich as it is of rivers, streams and ditches.

2- another element that is very present in the Marche architecture in general is brick, thanks also to the clayey characteristics of many soils. An essential feature is the complete “shading”: each piece has a different color from the other, from bright pink to straw yellow in a harmony of colors that brings mind back to past times and ancient buildings

These are just some of the features of the Marche country houses.

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