Here’s what happened to my friend Alessia to get her to decide to buy a historical country-house in the Marche region

Allow me to tell you a story that happened a few years ago.

One day Alessia, at work as always in her office in the big city of London, received a beautiful note from her colleague Maddy (ie ME).

What was it?

An invitation to my birthday party that I would have done in Italy, in my newly purchased country house in the Marche hills! (yes, I have a perfect historical country house!)

And she knew nothing about it!!!! She immediately wrote me an e-mail asking me 1000 questions about how and when and where (I forgot to tell you that Alessia was a colleague of mine at DISTANCE, worked in London in a hospital and we met years ago at an international congress).

Of course it was not easy for her to organize the trip, but the curiosity about the original Italian way of live was so great that she decided to participate and in June she left with her husband for this unknown land.

I’m not going to tell you the smallest details of an unforgettable party (all studied in detail!), but I’ll tell you 3 moments that left Alessia and her husband speechless:

1- from the airport to the country-house it was a journey through time, without traffic and immersed in a sweet and enveloping nature, which made them come back a bit like children (and sometimes, when working no stop, it remains impossible to do)

2 – the historic country-house is on a hill and we had created a path all lit up by a thousand lights (do you remember those images seen only in the movies?) … once you reach the top, the sea was perfectly visible from the park, or rather touch so much the air was clear!

3- the party took place in the garden, with a long table all sets with typical local products with local wine and live music!

And they kept saying “a dream” by taking 1000 pictures!


Italian way of live: FOOD, NATURE and FRIENDS.


Can you imagine what they thought of during the journey to home …


In the end they decided to buy a country-house also in the Marche hills, but …


I remember perfectly ALL THE PROBLEMS they encountered to complete the adventure! (and I will make it a very useful blog for you sooner or later…)

After years, I remembered her stories about bureaucracy, the problems to choose between hundreds of different kind of country houses only seeing some mediocre photos…. and then the control at distance of all the houses works…


This is the story of a person, but believe me there are many very similar ones and many are not even finished so well, because the problems that have arisen have been so many and badly addressed that they have failed the project.




 Because the professionalism and knowledge of this very particular market is fundamental.


We decided to create a TEAM able to shape a method exactly to your size.

It is precisely to allow all dreamers in big as you are also to realize something unique, that we have designed our method!


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