Life in the Marche countryside: the story is about me but will be about you!

This time I would like to tell you how my life has changed (but trust me that this also applies to many friends) since I bought a country house here in the Marche region.

I come from a big city and therefore from a “comfortable” heritage of many years.

Then I found my half of life in this beautiful region and here my world turned upside down!

It was no longer necessary to run from one place to another in the traffic (let’s face it … the traffic here is a mythological animal!) to find the supermarket where to shop, and then go home to a building that luckily had a garden (modest ….) with some plants and some flowers (but of course the scents and colors were an utopia …).

Living in a country house was like upgrading my life!

The house we bought is remembered by the locals as the center of rural life in the area, and in fact … we have a wonderful stone oven of epic dimensions where bread was produced for all the inhabitants of the area once a week!

It also has a room on the upper floor that old countrymen told us it was the winter leisure place for all the families who wanted to be together and dance in the heat of the fireplace … ..

Where now we have the kitchen and the dining room at the beginning there was the stable! This is because the animals below the floor of the rooms kept the heat on the upper floors. Precisely for this reason we kept a very steep and narrow ladder that allowed the farmers to go up and down to the stable without having to go out!

Now I have a beautiful garden that allows us to collect fruits and vegetables based on seasonality, without having to make unspeakable and stressful rows; certainly we do not fail to do the shopping in the village from the small greengrocer or from the trusted butcher or from the cheese maker who produces amazing cheeses!

What I would like you to remember is that in your new Italian country house you can have “materially” unique pieces of Italian life.

Having a country house will allow you to live in world that have made the history of these areas, to imagine your life that perhaps until now you had only heard told in books or films about Italy!

You will tell me:

of course it was much easier for you … you are Italian, you had someone in the place who helped you, you were able to do inspections and evaluate the purchase well … ..

And here we come into play!

Precisely because we are your PROPERTY FINDER you will be GUARANTEED 100% on the research from our METHOD, which will help you eliminate all doubts about the ideal characteristics of the house for you and your family, allowing you to save time and money because everything will be organized in the slightest details!

Wherever you decide to locate your search (near the sea, in the hills, in the most mountainous hinterland) you will realize that the typicality of the place and its houses will invade your life!