One of the aspects that will transform your life into the “Italian DOLCEVITA”

I asked a dear Scottish friend of mine, to tell me her love story with the Marche and she started:

I remember very well the first time I came on holiday in the Marche region. We had decided to take a relaxing vacation immersed in nature, without finding ourselves in absolute isolation! From the main road we entered a country lane, white or pink, narrow and dusty in the summer, and we entered as in a kind of time machine stopped: the big olive trees give shade and relief to some sleeping dogs, old fences are the watershed between the plowed fields and the pastures while in the background the farmer’s house dominates the farm and its inhabitants. It is when you enter a rural house that, in my opinion, you come into close contact with the true story, which is the story of most of Italians, much more than if you entered castles and noble palaces!

Obviously she and her husband immediately bought a house a few kilometers from the sea in the hills to move there as soon as possible!

Now we come to you and your dream.
You will think: a house is a house, what could it be that is special?

We’re there just to let you find a perfect country house!

Starting from your arrival:
white roads are synonymous with stones, holes, dust, mud, earth but it is also synonymous with the rediscovery of the ancient flavors of simple foods typical of Italy and the Marche!

I’ll write to you soon to see together another magical place that will have your country house!