I’ll tell you the story of Lisa and Franco, who have always thought about making conscious choices that are consistent with their philosophy of life that is very attentive to the environment. Now it’s time for them to replace the country house of Franco’s parents and their dream can materialize in an ECO-SUSTAINABLE BUILDING!

An eco-sustainable building is necessarily highly energy efficient and built with materials found without unnecessary energy waste (for example: for transport) easily re-integrated once discarded.

Beginning January 1- 2021, all new buildings or objects of major renovation must comply with certain energy performance requirements, both at the structural level and as regards the plant engineering. This is established by the European Union and sustainable architecture fits perfectly with the interventions aimed at achieving these objectives.

But from the beginning, our couple of friends founded many problems because sustainability in architecture is not only synonymous with energy saving and consumption reduction. What makes an eco-sustainable building is a set of factors and interventions, which involve social and economic processes in terms of safeguarding the environment. It is no coincidence that we speak of “green building” as those construction jobs that, already in the design phase, take into account the rhythms and natural resources and aim to fit harmoniously into the context, carefully evaluating the reuse of space and the choice some materials.

Many, however, including Lisa and Fabio, think that just lay the solar panels or install a photovoltaic system to talk about sustainable architecture …. Unfortunately it is not so, even if it is technologies absolutely in line with the spirit and the mission of bio-architecture! At this point, addressing the real competent, they could face the problem with the right focus:

most of the budget has been absorbed by structural interventions: “We mainly intervened on insulation and coatings,” says Lisa, “by using non-toxic and recyclable materials, mostly of mineral origin, we have ensured a better air quality and a correct level of humidity at home”.

Lisa and Franco have recovered existing objects and materials: from the newly refurbished parquet to the bathroom tiles and vintage pieces of furniture. For the furnishing of the house, Lisa has chosen materials that are compatible with the sustainability criterion, such as certified solid wood, bamboo, responsible cultivation fabrics and recyclable and recycled materials. The large bamboo table and chairs made of recycled material offer space for meetings with friends who organize frequently!

The house is lit by a system of led lights with dimmer remote control, which allows to dose the intensity of the light panels; you can even adjust with your smartphone wirelessly.

While inside the plants contribute to improve the internal microclimate, in the two-level terrace Lisa and Franco grow fruit trees, a vegetable garden and an aromatic garden; a tub placed on the balcony allows to collect rain water to be used for the irrigation of plants, as well as for a refreshing outdoor bath.

Now we come to you! All this can be applied to your new home that, as well as having exactly the look of your dreams, can make you live in the best possible way eco-friendly! I’ll wait for you at the next episode where I’ll explain how the work of the PROPERTY FINDER will be essential to prepare the foundations of this big dream!