Let talk about your focus: you want to buy a house in Italy and in particular in the Marche region, after having had a wonderful holiday in this region! Who do you trust? I’ll list the 3 options:

  • call an Estate Agency
  • do it by yourself
  • ask to a PROPERTY FINDER

The 7 classic steps of the work of “any” Real Estate Agency are:

1 the agent is contacted by an OWNER interested in selling his house
2 he makes a first visit to the property to make an economic evaluation and analyze the documentation
3 at this point he adds the house to his portfolio and follows the requests
4 after an undefined time, he is contacted by a BUYER (which is you)
5 he organizes a visit of the property
6 he agrees with the buyer a purchase price
7 concludes the sale, again without the certainty of the times!


As you have well understood all the work of the Agency is aimed at supporting the seller and his sales expectations, mediating between your requests and the offer.

Now let’s see together what it means to “do it alone”:

  1. you have to search among all the websites of home sales
  2. identify the property that most closely matches your ideas
  3. take information on the place and the state of the property
  4. make an appointment with the real estate agency that has the house in charge
  5. identify the correct value of the property by verifying the urban / cadastral / mortgage information
  6. At this point you are ready to make a proposal and open the negotiation
  7. find an agreement on price, delivery method and timing
  8. during all this time you have to be ascertained of the PROFESSIONALITY of each of the figures involved in the purchase-sale

I believe that even in this case you will have noticed the immense work to be done, moreover at a distance!

To finish I will list the 6 peculiar characteristics of the work of a PROPERTY FINDER (that is US!):

  • he analyzes the portfolio of various real estate agencies looking for the right home for you.
  • the PROPERTY FINDER works exclusively at the service of those who are looking for a home, working to find the property that matches the characteristics and wishes of the customer who wants to buy.
  • the PROPERTY FINDER is hired by the buyer and operates protecting its interests, looking for interesting properties
  • the PROPERTY FINDER follows all the time the focus that has been given to him by the buyer (ie by you!)
  • the PROPERTY FINDER has a deep knowledge of the real estate market in which him operates
    thanks to the good network of relationships in the area that will be able to meet all the demands of his client!

what to do at this point? Call us as soon as possible to realize your dream!