We have already listed for you in the previous post some OBSTACLES TO BE OVERCOME to be sure to obtain the wishes results!

But, believe me, we have encountered many others and we want to share our knowledge with you:

localization, because you don’t know nothing (or little) about the Italian locations

waste of money, It’s a terrible enemy and I’m sure that sooner or later you will encounter it!

waste of time, It’s the friend of the waste of money because you have not all the informations faster as you need!


BUT the BIGGEST problem that normally a foreigner meets in Italy is the BUROCRATIC JUNIPRING about lows and rules (It’s not true?!). All this causes a slowdown that may seem endless to those who are not from the trade….


We deal only with the sale of country houses in Marche region, so we know exactly how to overcome all your problems!

In particular, we reveal you that these are problems due to the LACK OF SPECIALIZATION (you will say: so simple?!?!).


Now take 2 minutes to discover the 4 points of our method that can solve everything:

  • We are a team of specialists and property finders who can analyze, verify and guarantee that your purchase is the right one.
  • We analyze the portfolio of various real estate agencies looking for the right home for you.
  • It is the FIRST and ONLY system in Italy to buy your dream country house that allows you to take advantage of the special GUARANTEE “100% GUARANTEED SEARCH”.
  • With “Italian Country Houses” you will have a single interlocutor that will allow you to avoid long loss of time in real estate agencies.


So, if you rely on the Italian Country Houses method, you will rely on the only ones able not to make you these catastrophic mistakes for the success of your dream!